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PHENOMENA "Awakening" が3月23日 Escape Music よりリリース!


Album PHENOMENA - Awakening will be released from Escape Music on March 23, 2012. The album is another chapter in the engaging story that Tom Galley began in 1983. It features Mat Sinner (Sinner, Primal Fear), Toby Hitchcock (Pride Of Lions), Terry Brock (Strangeways), James Christian (House Of Lords), Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Lee Small (SHY), Mike DiMeo (Riot, Masterplan), Mike Slamer (Steelhouse Lane), Rob Moratti (ex-Saga), a.m.m.


アルバム PHENOMENA - Awakening が3月23日、Escape Music よりリリースされます。 日本では4月2日から amazon Japan で購入できます。 このアルバムは、1983年に Tom Galley が始めた魅力的なストーリーの、別の章になります。 アルバムには、Sinner や Primal Fear の Mat Sinner をはじめ、Pride Of Lions の Toby Hitchcock や Strangeways の Terry Brock、House Of Lords の James Christian、Primal Fear の Ralf Scheepers、SHY の Lee Small、Riot や Masterplan の Mike DiMeo、Steelhouse Lane の Mike Slamer、元 Saga の Rob Moratti、a.m.m. などがフィーチャーされています。

 Album Preview

Awakening (2012)


Track List

01. Smash It Up (Lee Small on Vocals,

   Mat Sinner on Bass, Magnus

   Karlsson on Lead Guitars)

02. Reality (Toby Hitchcock on Vocals

   and Mike Slamer on Lead Guitars)

03. Homeland (Rob Moratti on Vocals

   and Martin Kronlund on all


04. Going Away (James Christian on 

   Vocals and Tommy Denander,

                                 Martin Kronlund on Guitars)

05. Gotta Move (Ralf Scheepers on Vocals and Christian Wolff, Tommy

   Denander on Guitars)

06. How Long (Lee Small on Vocals and Martin Kronlund on Guitars)

07. Shake (Mike DiMeo on Vocals and Martin Kronlund on Guitars)

08. Fighter (Terry Brock on Vocals and Steve Newman on Guitars /

   Backing Vocals)

09. Dancing Days (Niklas Swedentorp on Lead Vocals with all Coldspell


10. Stand Up For Love (Chris Antblad with JAVA Gospel Choir)


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