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ドラマー Mike Paradine 初のソロアルバムをリリース!



Mike Paradine, the drummer from the traditional metal band ArcticFlame, releases his first solo album "Death In The Family" on March 23, 2012. A collection of personal songs, the subject matter consists of his on going feud with certain family members, growing up in the late 70’s, early 80’s in Bayonne, New Jersey, 9/11 and his battle with cancer as a 13 year old. Half the album is heavy metal and the rest of half consists of rock to hard rock styles. The album will be available digitally on iTunes, Rhapsody, amazon etc.


正統派 メタル バンド ArdticFlame のドラマー Mike Paradine が、初の ソロ アルバム "Death In The Family" を3月23日にリリースします。 ある家庭内の確執、Bayonne で '70年代後半から '80年代を過ごしたこと、New Jersey で 9.11 の惨事に巻き込まれたこと、13歳のときのガンとの闘病生活などを主題にした 個人的なコレクションで 構成されています。 アルバムの半分はヘビーメタル、そして残り半分はハードロックスタイルになっています。  このアルバムには、下記のアーティストたちがクレジットされています。 なお、デジタル販売のみとなっていて iTunes や Rhapsody、amazon などで購入できます。



Mike Paradine: Drums, Vocals (ArcticFlame, Balistik Kick)

Richard Holmgren: Vocals (Wolf)

Michael Clayton Moore: Vocals (ArcticFlame)

Jeff Scott: Bass (ArcticFlame)

Dave "Ghost" Manheim: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboard

                    (Supernatiral, Society Killers)

Kilroy: Guitars


Death In The Family (2012)


Track List

01. Venom and Piss

   Vocals: Richard Holmgren

   Metal – about a certain family


02. Rise Up from the Grave

   Vocals: Michael Clayton


   Metal – my way of dealing

   with cancer when I was 13

   years old

03. Monster's Ball

   Vocals: Mike Paradine, Dave Manheim

   Metal – Various serial killers at the same party

04. On a Tuesday Morning (The John J Harvey)

   Vocals: Dave Manheim

   Rock – Commercial song about a retired fire boat that played

   an integral role on 9/11

05. These are the Days

   Vocals: Michael Clayton Moore, Backing Vocals: Dave Manheim

   Rock – About growing up in the late 70’s, early 80’s in Bayonne,

   New Jersey.

06. Parasite

   Vocals: Mike Paradine

   Metal – cover of KISS song

07. Suzie with an Uzi

   Vocals: Dave Manheim

   Guns n Roses style punk – Someone stole Susie’s 40 pound chicken

   and she’s pissed!

08. Taste My Fist

   Vocals: Michael Clayton Moore

   Metal – My battle with cancer

09. Bow Down to the Queen

   Vocals: Richard Holmgren

   Metal – song about my ex-sister

10. Dust

   Vocals: Mike Paradine

   Ballad – about events during 9/11


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