New Release - DEATH AUDIO

DEATH AUDIO ついにデビューアルバム11月にリリース!


Australian metal band DEATH AUDIO will release their first album "DEATH AUDIO" in November 2012. Since bursting out into the music scene in 2007 Death Audio’s massive sound has continued to push the boundaries of metal fans worldwide. The following those people and equipments were involved with the album. 


オーストラリアのメタルバンド DEATH AUDIO はファーストアルバム "DEATH AUDIO" を11月にリリースします。 2007年に DEATH AUDIO が音楽シーンに飛び出して以来、彼らのビッグなサウンドは世界中のメタルファンの境界を突き進んできています。 今回以下の関係者および機材がこのアルバム制作に関わっています。



All tracks written, composed, performed and produced: Death Audio

Engineered and Produced: Ren Parisi at Melbourne Records

Mixed: Shane Edwards at Electric Sun Studios

Mastered: John Roberto at Crystal Mastering

Electronics and Synth in "Black Rose", "Fallen Souls" & "Memories": Will Borland & Death Audio

Guitar Solo in "Obstructions" written: Dean Wells of Teramaze and performed: Will Borland

Violins in "Obstructions" written & performed: Ilse Violin and Yvette Van Wyk of Alpine Fault

Orchestral instruments in "The Escape": Pete Burgess


Death Audio's album was recorded with Krank Amps, Mesa Cabs, ESP Guitars, Framus Guitars, Maxon OD808, Seymour Duncan Blackout Pickups, Ddrum, Evans Drumheads, Promark sticks, Axis Pedals, Native Instruments

 Album Trailer



01. Down
02. Black Rose
03. Fallen Souls
04. Memories
05. Reasons
06. Obstructions
07. This Moment
08. Place The Blame
09. Shadow
10. The Escape


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