New Video - DOT THE EYE

DOT THE EYE の歌詞付き新着ビデオ "Still Alive"


DOT THE EYE posted a video for "Still Alive", taking a animation movie into the song along with lyrics. "Still Alive" is now available for download at their page on facebook and ReverbNation. See the band info HERE on this site.


DOT THE EYE が "Still Alive" のアニメーションを取り入れた歌詞入りビデオを公開しました。 現在バンドの facebook または ReverbNation のページで、この "Still Alive" のダウンロードも可能です。 なお、DOT THE EYE については当サイトの こちら をご覧ください。


 Still Alive

             [ Lyrics / 歌詞 ] 

              * There is a some spelling error in the video.


             As living leads to death

             As loving feeds with hate

             This fate less world just waits

             Waits for me to seal my gates


             As gates begin to close

             As fear's not dead, just lost

             My will's like concrete wall

             They will wait for me to fall

             But I am never gonna crawl


             Pain divine braking the dawn of day

             Paid my price death will soon find the way

             Fuck you, not today


             As smile ends up in tears

             My days turn into years

             Just one thing crystal clear

             This is world of nothing real


             So all you blind and proud

             Will stop to fuck around

             Nothing can stop us now

             You will die without a sound

             There's no heaven to be found


             One more thing till the end

             You wisely play your games

             When hope is gone you say

             Just fuck you, not today




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