Charity Song - Magnus Lervik

Magnus Lervik がん研究と患者のためにチャリティ・ソングをリリース


Song For Mom (2013)



Swedish guitarist Magnus Lervik released "Song For Mom" on March 29th, for the support to organizations that focuses on cancer research and to help cancer patients. This is the song which is dedicated to his mom who died last year as well as to the memory of everyone who have lost the battle against cancer and to everyone who is fighting cancer right now but also to their friends and families who have to watch it happen. The song is now available on iTunes, amazon, Spotify, Nokia OVI, Deezer, eMusic, Wimp, Rdio, 7Digital, 24/7 (9 stores), Rhapsody, Simfy. You can also visit any cancer organization and make a donation to support cancer research and cancer patients.


がん研究を専門とする団体への協力 ならびに がん患者への支援のために、スウェーデンのギタリスト Magnus Lervik が "Song For Mom" を3月29日にリリースしました。 これは、昨年亡くなった彼の母親や闘病生活に終止符を打ってしまった方々、そして現在がんと闘っている患者のみなさん、さらに 彼らを介護している 家族や友人たちに捧げる曲です。 この曲は iTunes や amazon をはじめ Spotify、Nokia OVI、Deezer、eMusic、Wimp、Rdio、7Digital、24/7 (9 stores)、Rhapsody、Simfy などで購入可能です。 日本では amazon Japan iTunes Japan にてダウンロード購入可能です。 または、どのがん研究団体でも、がん研究およびがん患者を支援するために寄付することもできます。 


Written, recorded and arranged by Magnus Lervik

Lyrics by Tobias Jansson

Mixed and mastered by Frederick Norén

Produced by Magnus Lervik and Frederick Norén


Magnus Lervik: Guitars and programming

Tobias Jansson (SAFFIRE): Lead and backing vocals

Anna Lundqvist: Backing vocals 

Jimmy Østbygaard: Bass 

Piano recorded by Jonathan Dodd


Video produced and edited by Petrus Wessman and Joel Wessman

Video recorded at Helikopter Studio in Gothenburg, Sweden


 Song For Mom (Song Against Cancer)


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