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David A. Saylor is a singer moved to the UK from the US in the early 1980s, and he co-formed the PUSH UK and is also known as a vocalist of WILD ROSE band. David A. Saylor has released his first solo album "City Of Angels" (2012), the EP "Kiss Of Judas" (2013) as a solo. Recently his second solo album "Strength Of One" was released in May 2014 through AOR Boulevard Records. New album "Strength Of One" contains 11 tracks with compelling lyrics, catchy melodies and choruses that listeners will be humming throughout 2014, including the English duo 2am cover "Now You're Leaving" and "Why Dose Our Love Have To End" done by Steve Harris (SHY) on music and lyrics. It's one of MUST-HAVE album for an AOR fan.


David A. Saylor は 1980年代初期に米国から英国に渡ったシンガーで、PUSH UK の創設メンバーのひとりであり、WILD ROSE のボーカルとしても知られています。 ソロとしての David A. Saylor は、2012年にファーストソロアルバム "City Of Angels" や 2013年に "Kiss Of Judas" という EP をリリースしています。 最近では、今年5月に AOR Boulevard Records より 2作目のソロアルバム "Strength Of One" をリリースしました。 この新作 "Strength Of One" は、あの英国のデュオ 2am の カバー "Now You're Leaving" や SHY の Steve Harris が 作詞・作曲した "Why Does Our Love Have To End" を含む、感動的な歌詞と 年内ずっとハミングしていそうな キャッチーな メロディや コーラスの 11曲が 収録されています。 AOR ファンにとっては、ぜひとも入手しておきたい アルバムのひとつです。 日本では下記の amazon Japan にて購入可能です。


[ Joined Musicians / 参加アーティスト ]

Jon Dewsbury: Guitar

David Mark Pearce: Guitar solos (track 3, 5)

Brett Hammond: Guitar solos (track 1, 9, 10)

Nik Lloyd: Guitar solos (track 2, 4, 6, 7)

Alfonso Samos: Guitar solo (track 8)

Romany May Saylor: Backing vocals

Christian Antonio: Backing vocals

Giorgia Florence: Backing vocals

Gabriella De Val Koenzen: Backing vocals (track 8)


        Album Teaser

Strength Of One (2014)


01. Welcome To The Show

02. Now You’re Leaving (2 am cover)

03. Flying High

04. Don’t Say Goodbye

05. My Heart Ain’t feeling Nothing

06. Why Does Our Love Have To End

07. Beaten Black And Blue

08. Falling Star

09. It Must Be Love

10. How Do I Believe

11. Caught in the Middle


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