HOLY DRAGONS [Kazakhstan]


HOLY DRAGONS is a Heavy Metal band from Kazakhstan formed in the early 90s. The band has remained faithful to their musical roots and has been consistent to their unique sound and style while of course throughout the years they have refined it more and more. Speed is clearly evident in the band’s style which however includes references to traditional heavy metal as well as Hard Rock. On September 20th, their 15th studio album “Unholy and Saints” will be released on CD and digital format through Pitch Black Records, following up to the 2016 excellent “Civilizator”. After a line-up change, the vocals are now handled by the band’s guitarist (and founding member) Chris “Thora Thorheim” Caine. The album includes a total of 14 tracks, including the song “The Elf” which is a tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio. As usual, the old school heavy metal is there along with the shredding guitars but this new album includes a small surprise, particularly for long-time fans of the band.


HOLY DRAGONS は、90年代初期に結成されたカザフスタンのヘビーメタルバンドです。彼らは音楽のルーツをキープし独特なサウンドとスタイルに一貫性を持たせる一方、多くの経験を積みより洗練されてきています。このバンドは明らかにスピードを生かしたスタイルをとっていますが、ハードロックだけでなく伝統的なヘビーメタルの要素をも含むことを意味しています。HOLY DRAGONS は、今月9月20日に Pitch Black Records より、2016年のヒット作 “Civilizator” に続く15作目のスタジオアルバム “Unholy And Saints” を CD とデジタルでリリースします。ラインナップ変更があり、現在バンドの創設メンバーでギタリストの Chris “Thora Thorheim” Caine がボーカルを担当しています。故 Ronnie James Dio のオマージュである “The Elf” を含む全14曲が収録されています。昔風のヘビーメタルにはギターのシュレッディングは付き物ですが、今作には、特にバンドの長年のファンにとってはちょっとしたサプライズがあるかもしれません。


[ Members ]

Chris “Thora Thorheim” Caine: Lead vocal, Guitars, Acoustic guitars

Jurgen “Stratomaniac” Thunderson: Lead guitars, Acoustic guitars, Electric organs, Termenvox, Synclavier, Back & sub lead vocals

Ivan “Hans” Manchenco: Bass guitar

Antonio “Deimos” Repablo: Drums, Percussion

Unholy And Saints (2019)


01. The Boilerplate (The Story Of A Victorian Robot)

02. Ravens Of Odin

03. Through The Dark Sky

04. Schweigespirale (The Spiral Of Silence)

05. Fly Your Guitar

06. Ravenmore

07. The Hall Of Shame

08. Three Greatest Pigs

09. Fimbulwinter

10. Pretenders

11. Beltane Night's Dream

12. The Elf

13. Unholy And Saints

14. Free Digital Hell


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