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January 19th 2011, after the headline show, I have interviewed a punk styled metal band from Italy SCARLET VIOLET on the first coming to Japan Tour at the Star Lounge in Shibuya, Tokyo. I was so happy to had this oppotunity of meeting them. Thank you guys for taking some time to be with me. Here is the comment from SCARLET VIOLET.


Welcome to Japan, guys. I guess your impression on Japan is totally different than you thought it in Milan. How’s it so far? And why did you want to come here to play?
みなさん、日本へようこそ。ミラノで思っていた日本のイメージとはだいぶ違うと思いますが、いかがですか? なぜ日本に来ようと思ったのでしょうか?

It's been great so far! Japan is really another planet compared to European countries and the people here are super nice. We'd been told that playing in Japan is a great experience and that metal fans go crazy at live shows, we can confirm that! Also many of today's bigger metal bands started with Japan rather than the US when it came to taking their music overseas.

I think it's a big tour to you as a band. I mean you have so many shows for a long stay here. How did you get this opportunity of your coming to Japan?
長期滞在して多くのライブをこなすということで、SCARLET VIOLET にとってはとても大きな日本公演だと思うのですが、どういう経緯で来日することになったのですか?

We contacted Mr. N at a Japanese promoter Beasts In Da Streets. He liked our music, so he organized some live shows for us... It's quite a long stay and quite a lot of gigs but we cannot complain, it's good to be here!
日本のプロモーター Beasts In Da Streets の N 氏にコンタクトを取ったんだ。彼は俺らの楽曲を気に入ってくれて、ライブの手配をしてくれた。長くてライブ回数も多いけど、文句なしに日本に来れて満足だよ。

You have already done a couple gigs here. How was the reaction of audience?

We've had some really crazy people chanting some of our choruses and headbanging like hell! We love it.

I heard you recorded the mini album Roll The Dice in Sweden. Why did you do it up there? Was there any particular reason in Sweden?
ミニアルバム Roll The Dice のレコーディングをスウェーデンで行ったそうですが、何か特別な理由でもあったのでしょうか?

Well we were looking for a good sound engineer who could mix our songs, so we found out that Andy LaRocque of King Diamond wasn't busy touring so we asked him. He did a great job and we love how the new tracks sound! Also many of today's metal bands have their works mixed in Sweden, so that made it even more appealing to us.
俺らの楽曲をミキシングしてくれるいい技術者を探していたら、King Diamond の Andy LaRocque をみつけたんだ。彼がツアーで忙しくない時期だったので頼んだんだけど、とてもいい仕事をしてくれて僕らみんな彼の作ってくれた新しいサウンドがすごく気に入ったよ。それに多くのメタルバンドたちはスウェーデンでミキシングしてるよね。僕らにとってもいいアピールになった。

I hear you. Everything went on well as you thought? Any happenings or troubles on your recording?

Well it didn't take us long to record the tracks, it took us maybe a day or two. It all went smooth!

Where do you usually to do the rehearsal? Do you have a studio?

Yes, we recently rented our own space and moved all of our gear there. It's great because we can hang out there even at 4 in the morning and no one will complain! Lots more freedom when it comes to writing new material.

Your latest music video It's Over is awesome! Tell me the story of behind the video shooting. Do you have any funny episodes or something?
新しいミュージックビデオ It's Over はすごいですね。ビデオ撮影中の何か面白い秘話などがあったら、教えてもらえますか?

Well it's strange because it didn't come out as we were expecting it to. Originally it had a story, in which this everyday girl gets lost in a forsaken hospital full of zombies and creepy nurses... But then it just became a mash up of scenes with no story really. It's funny because most of the 'actors' are friends of mine... I promised them they'd have to stay maybe a couple of hours on the set to shoot their scenes, in the end they had to stay like 24 hrs! They wanted to kill me but in the end they were happy.





Here is a question for you, L.A. Your voice reminds me Paul Diannon in Iron Meiden. How do you come out your voice like that? Do you have any special trainings and special cares for your throat?
L.A. に伺いたいんですが、あなたの声は Iron Meiden の Paul Diannon を連想させますが、あの声はどうやって出しているんですか?特別な訓練や喉のケアなどもしているのでしょうか?

I'm not really a big Maiden fan, although I do respect them and Paul Dianno as a singer, too. My training? Basically Jack Daniel's and Lucky Strikes, haha! I also did take some lessons.
シンガーとしてPaul Diannon は尊敬してるけど、特にメイデンファンってわけじゃない。訓練かい?そりゃあ、Jack Daniel's と Lucky Strikes だよ。(笑) ちょっとレッスンも受けてたけどね。

Next one goes to Fylo. You always show us an amazing guitar playing. What kind of instruments do you use when you make a song? With a guitar or keyboards?
次に Fylo に伺います。あなたはいつも素晴らしいギター演奏を聞かせてくれていますが、曲を作るときは何を使っているのですか?やはりギターですか?それともキーボードか何かを使うのですか?

Thanks a lot! Much appreciated. I can't really play the piano, so I write all my stuff with the guitar and come up with a good riff. Good riffs are the secret of a good song! Think about bands like Maiden or AC/DC... their songs are all riff-based!
どうもありがとう!嬉しいよ。僕は実はピアノが弾けないんで、すべてギターを使い、いいリフを見つけて作るんだ。かっこいいギターリフはいい曲の秘訣だよ!メイデンも AC/DC もみんなそのリフが基本になってるよね。

When I think of it, I guess you are right, Fylo. Now I want you all to answer this question. Tell me what kind of music/songs you usually listen to?

I try to listen to everything I can. It can be extreme metal or pop, as long as it has a good hook. Everything can be an inspiration!

Yeah, pretty much the same as Fylo. I like music in general!

Same as the other guys, although I like a lot of nowadays american bands like Papa Roach, Soil, Buckcherry...
他の連中と同じだけど、Papa Roach や Soil、Buckcherry のような今どきのアメリカのバンドが特に気に入ってる。

I mostly like german heavy metal and finnish bands like Children Of Bodom.
僕はドイツのヘビメタや Children Of Bodom みたいなフィンランドのバンドがほとんどかな。

By the way, how did you meet the great producer BEAU HILL?
ところで、有名なプロデューサー Beau Hill とはどうやって知り合ったのですか?

He actually contacted us and said that he liked our music! He's a great guy and is very professional. He told me that he gets up at 5.00 a.m. to work!

Wow! Here is the last question for you. I want to ask about the band’s name SCARLET VIOLET. Tell me where it came from?
すごいですね!それでは最後の質問になりますが、バンド名 SCARLET VIOLET について伺います。どこからその名前がついたんですか?

That's a weird story. One night I had probably a beer too much and started painting randomly. I used the color red and purple, so I thought 'Hey, Scarlet and Violet... I want to call my band like that!' and that's pretty much it!
ちょっと変な話なんだけど、ある晩僕は多分ビールを飲み過ぎてたんだろうけど、やみくもに絵を描き始めたんだ。赤色と紫色を使ってね。それでもって「待てよ!スカーレットとバイオレットか… そうだ、これをバンド名にしよう!」って思ったんだ。まさにピッタリさ!

Thank you so much for your time. I appreciate it. Hope you have kick ass shows and enjoy your staying in Japan.



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