We present various artists from the world for the Japanese people through an article and interview by BREATH-FRESHER owner Fuchsia. Most of them have a great potential on the field in their country but not any chances of publishing in Japan. We have featured numerous artists from more than 55 countries so far. We take any styles in ROCK/METAL music. Provision of musical information from Managements, Record labels, Promotions or a Band/Artist itself are welcomed as well. Show your amazing work to Japan. Please check out our BREATH-FRESHER social network pages and feel free to contact us.



私たちは、世界中の さまざまなアーティストを 記事や 代表 Fuchsia によるインタビューなどを通して日本のみなさんに紹介しています。 ほとんどが 本国では とても有望なアーティストたちですが、残念ながら 日本で紹介される機会がほとんどありません。 これまですでに 40ヵ国以上の アーティストを取り上げて紹介してきていて、 ロックや メタルのジャンルならスタイルを問わず紹介しています。 マネジメントやレコードレーベル、プロモーション事務所からだけでなく、バンド や アーティスト自身からの 情報提供も大歓迎です。 日本のサイトデビューしたいバンドや日本向けに情報を発信したいアーティストの記事掲載ご希望の方は、当 BREATH-FRESHER の他の関連ページもご覧になり、お気軽にご連絡ください。







Featured band article is the introduction of band to Japan, and is not a review for your work. It can be included a biography, band photo, track list of EP/Album, music video, links of the band website & social network pages and the latest information. Promotion kit is required for publishing. Once you were featured here, your latest info such as new release, new video, new project and tour information will be published again.






We publish your new release to spread a word about it before the release date. If you would like to publish here, let us know with your info and the promotion kit at least one month earlier before the release date. Single release and video release are not accepted at the very first appearance.






Exclusive Interview by Fuchsia (Owner) is available in English via email. Article of the interview is published here both in English and Japanese, with the band photo and band page links.






We arrange venues you can play in Japan. Agent who speak Japanese is required at almost venues. Making a schedule, deal negotiation and payment for a venue in Japanese are too much trouble. We find a venue and arrange your Japan tour for you along a Japanese system. This service is a fee-charging.


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