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SOLISIA UnverSeasons (2012) Dirty Feeling


ASHES YOU LEAVE The Cure For Happiness (2012) Reality Sad


COFEIN Superdangerous (2012) Never Give Up
Dec.07 SOULSPELL Hollow's Gathering (2012) Adrians Call
Nov.02 DE VAN Planet Botox (2011) Plastic Surgery
Nov.02 Kamikaze Kings The Law (2012) All In Vain
Nov.02 FREE RIDE All The World Ignores (2012) Pop 2
Nov.02 VEXILLUM The Bivouac (2012) The Hunt
Oct.05 FRAZE GANG FRAZE GANG 2 (2012) Don't Call Us, We'll Call You
Oct.05 HOTEL DIABLO The Return To Psycho, California (2012) Taken
Oct.05 RIFFUZ Global Bait (2012) Brain In Box
Oct.05 DISQUIET Scars Of Undying Grief (2012) Outcry


HUMBUCKER ROCKS (2011) Dancin' Daisy


Nasty Reputation Nasty Reputation (2011) Speeding Ticket


SOULICIT Parking Lot Rockstar (2011) Blow Me Away


Myriad Lights Mark Of Vengeance (2012) Fury Of Time


David J Caron Thru Ever-Ending Black (2012) One By One

The Ignitor (2012)

The Ignitor


Evil Masquerade Pentagram (2012) Soul Taker
Aug.03 The Element From Sand - Part 1 (2012) She's Made From Sand
Jul. 06 KILLER KLOWNS Rollercoaster Ride (2012) Addicted To Her
Jul. 06 Memory Of A Melody Things That Make You Scream (2011) Break Away
Jul. 06 DEADLINE Heading West (2012) Dance With Style

Jul. 06

KEVLAR BIKINI Explodisiac (2012) Devil's Jukebox
Jun. 01 BONFIRE Cry For Help (2012) Cry For Help (Long Version)
Jun. 01 WILD FRONTIER 2012 (2012) Another Lonely Day Without You
Jun. 01 Mercury Tide Killing Saw (2012) Satan Sister
Jun. 01 HARTMANN BALANCE (2012) Save Me
May 04 HUMAN TEMPLE Halfway To Heartache (2012) Bleeding Through
May 04 BILJANAIRES End Of September (2012) Everytime I Walk Away
May 04 PRASSEIN ALOGA Midas Touch (2011) Madness
May 04 FIREYED From The Grand Floor (2011) Living In Rock'n'Roll
Apr.06 FURYON Gravitas (2012)

Voodoo Me 

Apr.06 POWER THEORY Out Of The Ashes, Into The Fire (2010)

Insane (Metal's Part Of My Brain) 

Apr.06 Joey Summer One Bite From Paradise (2012)

One Bite From Paradise

Apr.06 FLEMT The Time Has Come (2011)

Hot Fever 

Mar.02 Help! For Japan Help! For Japan (2012)

Help! (Extended Version) 

Mar.02 SIDEBURN JAIL (2011)

Kiss Of Death

Mar.02 ANGELINE Disconnected (2011)

I Had Enough

Mar.02 RIPIO Vengador De Perdedores (2009)

Reservas De Fuerza

Feb.03 The MFC Dragon Slayer All Star Project Let's Unite In Rock (2011)

Let's Unite In Rock 

Feb.03 Wild Rose Half Past Midnight (2011)

Another Shot 

Feb.03 Rob Mancini Rock N Roll Circus (2011)

Lay Down The Law 

Feb.03 HIMORA Argue All You Want (2011)

Just Can't Stop 

Jan.06  Black Majesty  In Your Honour (2010)

Far Beyond 

Jan.06 180 PROOF  The Gutter Sessions Part 1  (2011)

It Sucks To Be You 

Jan.06 Destroy She Said  Music For Muscle Cars (2011)

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