Jaded Heart

published on October 15, 2010

October 8th 2010, I had an interview with a German metal band Jaded Heart which would play in DORO's Japan Tour. I talked with them in a small back stage room at Tokyo HOLIDAY in Shinjuku before their show. This is the photo on that day. You can see from the left, Michael Muller (Bass), Henning Wanner (Keys), Johan Fahlberg (Vocals), Peter Ostros (Guitars) and Axel Kruse (Drums) in this photo. Thanks to Jaded Heart guys' cooperation of this coverage. Those are the comments below as a band Jaded Heart.


10月8日、 DORO の Japan Tour に同行して初来日した ドイツのメタルバンド Jaded Heart に、東京 HOLIDAY の楽屋にお邪魔してライブ前にお話を伺いました。こちらは当日の写真ですが、左から Michael Muller (ベース) 、Henning Wanner (キーボード) 、Johan Fahlberg (ヴォーカル) 、Peter Ostros (ギター) 、Axel Kruse (ドラム) です。Jaded Heart のみなさん、取材協力ありがとうございました。

First of all we would like to tell you thanks for coming to Japan. Is this your first time to come to Japan? I have heard you just got here yesterday. What do you think so far?



This is the first time. It's clean, nice street and people are so friendly. We liked it. It's amazing we can see lots of commercials everywhere. (laugh)


Do have you anything particular you want to try in Japan, except the live shows? Look around somewhere or eating something?



Yes. Sightseeing a bit and try to have Japanese foods and SAKE more, of course. We had a Japanese dinner last night with other bands and had some SAKE. And then we sang some songs with KARAOKE machine too.
もちろん観光もするけど、もっといろんなものを食べたり飲んだりしてみたいね。 昨夜他のバンドと一緒に日本食を食べて日本酒も飲んだ。 カラオケで歌なんかも歌っちゃったよ。


Great! Were there any songs of Jaded Heart?
いいですねェ。カラオケには Jaded Heart の曲はありましたか?



Nah. There were songs from Deep Purple, Rainbow, AC/DC and Iron Maiden, but NO ours. (laugh)
Deep Purple, Rainbow, AC/DC, Iron Maiden とかはあったけど、俺たちのはなかったな。(笑)


Now let’s talk about your latest album PERFECT INSANITY. Is there any episode on the recording of this album? Everything went on well?
アルバム PERFERCT INSANITY についてお伺いしたいんですが、レコーディング中の面白いエピソードやトラブルなどはありましたか?



Absolutely. Whole recording was always funny. Especially the drum recording! We were just programming and putting it in the computer like this. Just kidding! (laugh) We had a good team. We focused on the solo guitar and vocals this time. Dennis Ward was mastering and Chris Lausmann was mixing for us.
レコーディングはいつも楽しくて、うまくいったさ。 特にドラムパートは、こうやってピピピッとコンピュータ操作するだけだから面白かったね! 冗談だけど。(笑) いいスタッフに恵まれ、今回はギターソロと歌にポイントを絞った。 マスタリングは Dennis Ward で、ミキシングは Chris Lausmann がやってくれた。


Speaking of the album, the cover artworks are so cool. Who designed those for you?



Those artworks were designed by Thomas Ewer at an art company in German. He has been working on a kind of job with a lot of bands. We had the idea of the album such as the skull thing and we drew it what we imaged. He did everything around it and changed it. Maybe the next cover will be green. (laugh)
いろんなバンドを手がけてるドイツのデザイン会社が作ってくれたんだ。 俺たちがスカルとかのアイディアを出して書き上げたものを、担当の Thomas Ewer が背景を加工したり手直したりして出来上がったんだ。 次のジャケットは緑色にするかな?(笑)


We can see your character cartoons at your website. Who drew them for you?



Manga Pics? A Japanese guy did it.

I got some questions from your Japanese fans want me to ask you guys. The first question is; Who is the strong or heavy drinker in your band?



We are all kind of party drinkers. No one have too much. After the show we have a little bit party and drink but no heavy drinkers. Just a few beers and that's it. We love the party after the show. We had some SAKE yesterday and were great. There were more expensive ones but they told us "No. Don't do that! You can pay by yourself" (laugh)


Question #2; Who is the hottest guy in the band?



YOU can tell us. When we are in sauna, we are all hot. (laugh)
こっちが聞きたいね。 サウナに入ったらみんなHOTだろ。(笑)


Question #3; Which song is your favorite in all of yours?
3問目は、Jaded Heart の中でどの曲が好きですか?



OMG! 'Sinister Mind', 'Love Is A Killer', 'Fly Away' and 'Hero' … We can't choose it.
参ったなぁ、'Sinister Mind' や 'Love Is A Killer'、'Fly Away'、'Hero' とかあるけどひとつには絞れないな。


Question #4; How come you don't make a music video?



We did just one 'Hero'. Well, it's expensive to make and our record company can't afford it.
過去に 'Hero' のミュージックビデオを作ったけど、費用がかかるし、レコード会社に作るだけの金銭的な余裕も無いしね。


Question #5; Do you have any songs in German?



No. All our songs we made are in English.
ないね、Jaded Heart の曲はすべて英語だ。


Do you have any plans after this Japan tour?



We will have writing a song and a recording for the next album. Unfortunately, no live shows.


As you already know a singer in GOTTHARD Steve Lee was killed in an accident a couple days ago. Did you have any special friendship with him?
ご存じのように、数日前に GOTTHARD のボーカル Steve Lee が事故で亡くなりましたが、彼とは特別な交流でもありましたか?



We are very sorry to hear that. We feel sad. It was a sad tragedy. We have toured with GOTTHARD. Steve was a great guy and great singer. He was very friendly and too young to die. We have to do something as Jaded Heart. Tribute something. When we get back from Japan, we will just try to get contact with GOTTHARD guys and then ask them.
とっても悲しくて残念だよ。悲劇だな。GOTTHARD とは一緒にツアーした程度だけど、Steve は素晴らしいシンガーだった。それにすごく親しみやすくていい人だったのに、早すぎるよね。Jaded Heart として何かしなきゃあって考えている。トリビュートみたいなものとかね。このツアーが終わったら、GOTTHARD のメンバーと連絡を取って聞いてみるつもりなんだよ。


I'd like to have your message to the Japanese fan of you.



It's really fantastic! When we came to the other side world, the Japanese people recognized and asked us to give our autograph on the street. Thank you very much for liking our music. Of course we can not meet all the people, we will have only the 3 small shows here. Hope we come back again soon. Domo arigatoh!
最高だよ!はるばる遠方から来た俺たちに気づいてくれて、通りでサインとか頼まれるんだよ。俺たちの音楽を気に入ってくれてどうもありがとう。3か所でのライブなので、もちろんすべての人には会えないんだけど、また近いうちに戻って来られたらいいなと思ってるよ。ドウモ アリガトウ!


Thank you so much for the time, guys. I appreciate it. Good luck with the show tonight. Enjoy your staying in Japan.
ライブまえの貴重な時間をさいていただきありがとうございました。今夜のライブ期待しています。 日本での滞在を楽しんでいってください。